Trade Block Update Notifications Not Working

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Confirmed update notifications not working in lg 1199. Thanks

Could you give me a bit more details on what you’re seeing?

I guess maybe these emails just aren’t sending right now. I am investigating.

Correct, we have been updating trade blocks all day in that league but I haven’t gotten any emails and neither have a few others (confirmed I’ve got notifications on)

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Holla if you need anything else from me

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Here come a lot of backlogged trade block update emails! And this should be fixed going forward.

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Nothing yet, just had a team update to test also. will let ya know when they come in for me. Thanks :+1:

Due to the logic that prevents trade block update emails from filling everyone’s inbox, you may have to update 6 hours after your previous update to get a new email.

Thanks for the fix, nothing for me yet but league mates got emails. I’ll report back in the AM if nothing by then

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Nothing yet, even when I made an update. I’m getting cut and message emails, not not the block ones. I’ll triple check my settings and toggle the receive emails option just in case it does anything. Weird! Thanks again for taking a look (on a weekend no less).

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If others in your league are getting emails, it is probably not on our end. I’ll talk to you directly to figure out what is going on.

I got an update email!! (not for 1199, but for league 847)

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