Trade History Problems

Not sure if that image shows up but none of my trade history is available. Pending trades, Rejected Trades and Past trades have no information available

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This is related to the new Trade History search feature and will occur if you have out of date code.

I’ve done some shenanigans to make sure everyone gets the new code when they visit that page now. If you’re still running into issues, try refreshing the page or clearing your browser cache. Thanks for the report!

Thanks, Niv! This is working now for me, as well, but it looks like the past/rejected trades now display by “Accepted Date”, oldest to newest. Would it be possible to reverse this, so the default display has the newest trades/rejected trades at the top?

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Huh yeah ok. Looking at this…

Oh I see what I did here. I’ll work on this in the next few hours.

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Alright, showing the most recent trades at the top of the table by default now.