Trade in my league for Cortes and Coles H2h points

What you guys think…i know there is a context and all, but i believe this is not enough for cortes and cole. H2h pts.

No, I’d want a lot more just for Cole in March. Maybe if it were later in the season and you had a better idea of whether you weren’t going to contend and some of those prospects had shown themselves as progressing. For example, Leiter looks like a future #4 SP rather than an ace based on what he did in 2022. Maybe he can turn it around, but I’d want to see more out of him before adding him for $4.

As an aside, I really dislike 4-for-2 trades (or 1-for-3, etc) if you’re trying to build for the future. If you’re rebuilding, your most precious commodity is actually roster spots. Also, if you make a 4-for-2 trade, then that’s two cuts that you (probably) have to make, which means incurring cap penalties. At the very least, even if up (i.e., make it a 4-for-4) with the players you’d cut to save you from having to make the cuts and reduce the off-setting loan. It may seem counterintuitive to give up additional players in a trade, but often times you’re better off including extra players in an unbalanced trade since it will leave you in a better spot in terms of the salary cap. You’re going to lose them anyway if you have to make cuts, so might as well get them off your ledger.


I agree that the return seems pretty light for Cole and Cortes. Especially with Cavalli missing the season due to injury. One additional consideration is that the team trading prospects is also giving up $19 of cap space, which is not insignificant. It is a little strange how much cap space both teams have post-draft.

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well, its one of those league where, half the ppl showed up on draft date and now, they are catching up :wink:

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what’s to bad is it looks like the owner giving up Cole/Cortes just joined Ottoneu a few days ago, if anything new owners should probably be encouraged to get their bearings before making such a seismic move.

Apologies to Curtis Mead, but its pretty likely the best keepers are Cole and Cortes.

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