Trade Kept Players between deadline and draft

I’d really like the ability to trade players I’ve kept post deadline and before the draft. What’s the rationale between locking rosters during this time?


There are no plans to unlock rosters before the league draft or to change the date of the keeper deadline at this time.

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I understand the reticence, but I’d say allowing keeper trades is neither of those things. You aren’t allowing cuts, or adds or changing the keeper date. Some leagues do this today by commish adds, to keep more in line with the Yahoo and ESPN type leagues that people expect.


I believe it’s just a league setting in both.

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@doorbot’s approach was how I viewed this. I totally understand and agree with having the deadline. I’m more talking about trading guys both teams have decided to keep. Trading keepers is kind of allowing me to better prepare for the draft. If the commissioner is able to accommodate I’ll go that route.


Y’all can of course use commish tools to move players after the keeper deadline. However, I think the keeper deadline as a community “roster freeze” deadline works well. You can always consider drafting earlier :slight_smile:

It is always fun to draft this week, heh.

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I’ve been in this league for two seasons and this is the first time I’ve read anything from the LC that trading is “open” after the keeper deadline…doesn’t seem like the type of League feature that should be/could be offered without a vote…if this was the case, why not postpone cuts to Draft Day

I’m not sure what you are referring to…

no issue Niv…I must have missed that feature last season


  1. I’m not your league’s commissioner. I’m only my league’s commissioner.
  2. I wrote that the platform is not going to support trades after the keeper deadline and before the draft.
  3. If your league wants to do things differently, it is more than welcome to.

understood…I didn’t understand that there was a workaround should the League want to offer that feature…now I understand


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Yeah, there’s kind of always a work-around for motivated commissioners.

and just to reward his motivation, I made an offer last night and closed a deal this am

no good deed should ever go unrewarded

thanks for straightening me out on this feature

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