Trade Proposal Notification Bar on Team Page

This is a super minor quality of life suggestion - but it would be nice to add the trade proposal/offer notification bar that appears on the top of the league page to the top of the team/lineup page as well. Nice for those who don’t check the email notifications as they come in and go straight to team pages to check lineups on the fly.

Apologies if this has been posted, searched but didn’t see it anywhere.

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I like this suggestion. There might be a better answer, which is adding a little badge to the “Trade” menu item when you have a proposal you haven’t responded to yet. Working on a couple other things right now but I’ll experiment with this soon!


The badge sounds better - less cluttered interface but harder to miss than the current setup. Thanks for responding!


There’s now a little badge with the number of incoming trade proposals that are outstanding that will show up on the Trade menu on every page. It looks just like the badge on the inbox when you have unread messages.