Trade Question

@ichirosamba and I appear to have opened a rift in the space time continuum by accepting the same trade offer from each other at the same instant. We had discussed the trade in the messages then each sent an offer for the same trade. Without meaning to, we then accepted the offer at the same instant. Will this cause issues when the trade process? Will the trades cancel and the players revert to their original team? :grinning:

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Whoa, incredible. It shouldn’t cause issues when processing, the processing stuff makes sure a player is on the team he’s being traded from before moving him. But, let’s let it play out and report back! Nothing commissioner tools can’t solve I’m sure.

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Sounds good! Maybe I will end up with Oscar Segura and he will get Jean Colas. :slight_smile:


The trade processed just fine, but it would appear that only the first one processed, because I received just one “trade processed” email. Thanks!