Trade Targets for Sellers

Who would you be targeting in a trade if you are a seller?

In baseball, there are plenty of guys to go after in AA/AAA, but in football, the number of potential impact 2017 rookies is much smaller and they are harder to predict.

Injured players might be a target (charles sims or dion lewis, for example).

But…who are you going after if you are looking towards 2017?

If I’m selling I’m targeting the injured guys that are still young and probably have depressed salaries right now (Keenan Allen/Abdullah/Sims), and I’m also targeting NCAA guys (namely Fournette, Chubb, McCaffrey). Other than that, I’m looking to acquire first or second year RB that might not be producing right now (Kenneth Dixon, Dwayne Washington, Derrick Henry, Prosise, Booker, Perkins, Smallwood and Duke Johnson/Buck Allen/Karlos Williams) and young WRs (White/Agholor/Perriman/Dorsett/Green-Beckham/Funchess/Lockett/Coates/Conley/Crowder and Coleman/Doctson/Shepard/Thomas/Boyd).

this is what i was worried about. we own sims, mccaffrey, duke, DGB, Boyd, washington…so a quarter of our roster is already guys on your list. We also have Dion Lewis, who I think belongs on your list. And Decker, now that he is on IR. and rawls.

basically, we own all those dudes which is why we need to sell :frowning:

Time to target the others!

Yeah that is the difficult part, I feel like there are much fewer rebuild targets in football vs. baseball, and the nature of the roster size and sports is that owners of those targets in football are much more likely to be selling rather than buying.