Trade Veto Majority needs to be set to 6

While researching a league i joined, which has a couple cut throat traders in it, i saw a trade last year where a team made a ripoff trade, commissioner took a $$23 Thor like taking candy from a baby. The league had 6 veto votes. Since there are 10 managers without the 2 involved in a trade, the majority of 10 is 6. The rest of the league did not like the trade, only had a couple votes for (assume these were the 2 involved) but the trade still goes through. It is nearly impossible to get a trade veto with this set at 7, which takes a 70% vote to get a veto.


It is very difficult to get a trade veto, and I think that is by design. I think I’ve seen one in six years in my leagues. I can see the argument for making the vote six instead of seven, but the two trading teams get a vote as well, so seven seems to be the right number.

Despite only seeing one true veto trade in my years of Ottoneu, that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen bad deals, and as a commissioner of several leagues, my usually response to this is that you (as one voter) absolutely have the right to persuade your league to veto. I’m not quite as cold and calculated as many are who only think vetoes should be reserved for collusion: I think you can legitimately veto in your own interest, and if it’s in your own interest to persuade the rest of your league to veto, by all means, go for it.

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