Trade Wizard - Highlight players on your own Trade Block

When you are proposing a trade on the /tradewizard page, the players on the team you are making an offer to are highlighted when they are on that team’s Trade Block. Would it be possible to have the players on your own Trade Block also be highlighted?

Maybe you should know who you want to trade, but for those of us with many teams, it’s easier to find the guys you want to offer (especially on a phone) if they are highlighted.

Seems reasonable enough. I’ll look into it today.

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Ok, it turns out if someone put one of your players in “Needs”, they’d be highlighted on your roster. I imagine this only happens occasionally, so now players will be highlighted on the trade wizard if they are on your trade block (haves or needs) or on the other team’s trade block (haves or needs).

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Is that going to be highlighted a different color on the trade wizard screen?

Right now, your trade block and the other team’s trade block are highlighted in the same color. I might switch that to two-tone so your own trade block is a lighter hue.

UPDATE Players on your trade block are now highlighted in a lighter color than players on the other team’s trade block.


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The two tone is somewhat difficult to see on phone. Could you change the coloring a bit more? The darker one could be a little bit darker Or perhaps make one bold or italicized?

Just suggestions. I do love the changes you made

If another owner has a player on my team on his Wanted list, will that player be a different looking color than guys on my block? And what if a guy on my trade block is also wanted on another’s list, what shading will he be? Could that be a completely different color if he is on both lists?

Right now there is a light-ish yellow highlight if he’s on your trade block and a dark-ish yellow highlight if he’s on the other team’s trade block. This is true on both your roster and the other team’s roster.

The highlight for if he’s on the other team’s roster takes precedence here but honestly shouldn’t matter - the goal of these colors are to directionally remind you of who is on the other team’s trade block, not to replace the trade block by relaying all the information that the trade block on its own relays.

This is useful feedback but mostly makes me think that adding highlights to your team’s trade block is sort of unnecessary and makes the page too busy. It might be simpler to just remove the highlight for players on your own trade block, since its really a very marginal help. Most owners know who they have on their own trade block and worst case you can just flip between two pages, one of which has the express purpose of crafting a trade offer and the other which has the express purpose of indicating what a team is interesting in adding and giving up via trade.

I’m going to leave this as-is for now. Differentiating between on your trade block vs on their trade block vs on both trade blocks does not seem like worthy of a third distinction and generally “if the highlight is yellow-ish = on a trade block” should be enough on this page.