Traded players show up as minor leaguers

Maybe not the place to ask this, but what happened to Justin Wilson? He has been showing up as being in AAA for Pittsburgh since being traded to the Cubs.

Yep, I cracked this out to its own topic. Whenever a player is traded, there is a brief period of time before they show up on their roster on their new team and after they’re removed from the roster of their old time where they exist in a state of limbo. There is a full slate of games today and I imagine most of the guys who moved yesterday will have their teams updated once those games begin, but until then they will show the last minor league team they played for.

I’m flagging this as something to fix down the line.

This should be fixed now. Players will show up as being on their old team until rosters are officially released showing them on their new team. This is better than traded players showing up as minor leaguers, I think.