Trades after deadline has passed

What’s up with the trades after the August 31st 12:00 Eastern trade deadline has passed?

Hey, sorry I didn’t post anything or respond sooner. These trades went through because of a site bug. The bug I believe has happened before, and today I took steps to make sure it won’t happen again. I’ll write a more technical note about this tonight or tomorrow.

Since the site let the trades go through, I didn’t reverse them. Each league affected (I believe there are 5) can decide if they want to allow the trades accepted after midnight to go through as they find appropriate.

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I disagree with your handling this. You should fix the trades that were not within the rules you have set forth. If there was a bug/error that allowed the rules to be broken, then you should fix the problem that your bug/error has caused.

I understand where you are coming from, but I would rather leave it up to each league to decide if they want to allow the trades that were accepted after the deadline to go through. Commissioners can cancel pending trades, and the league can also vote to veto a trade.

Does your league believe the trade should go through and you do not? Does the league agree with you? Does your commissioner agree with you or disagree?

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I should clarify that I don’t think I am a rules enforcer or that these are my rules. The site implements the game’s rules, and if the site fails at doing that, it is my job to fix it. I am not an arbiter or rules enforcer - my job is to make sure the site acts consistently and the way you all expect it to act.

The site failed and let 9 trades through on 9/1, and I am making sure it never does that again. For those 9 trades, I think each league should have the agency to make their own decisions, but I definitely understand the other viewpoint.

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Your reply just answered the way YOU should handle this situation. The site implements the game’s rules(the trade deadline is defined by the Ottoneu rules, not optional for leagues). If the site fails(which it did), then it is your job to fix it. Your job is to make sure the site acts consistently(which it didn’t with the trade deadline rules because of a bug) and the way owners expect it to act(trade deadline rules defined before season started and did not act as rules originally stated beforehand). It shouldn’t be determined by each league, it should be fixed by YOU. There wasn’t an option for each league to choose this rule, the bug caused the rule to not be enforced properly, the website error/bug should be corrected. Your original league rules are not being upheld causing false representation to what product was offered at time of sign up and payment. If you do not fix the error that was caused by your website bug/error, and made it so the advertised rules for the product could not be fulfiiled, then you should refund the money paid for the misrepresented commitment the website made at time money was paid.

Any commis that lets the teade go through shouldn’t be commissioner. We all know the rules, enforce them.

As a commissioner, I view it like submitted paperwork for a real trade, sometimes that fax machine Billy Beane is using is a little slow, and the trade takes a while to get there, it’s not a big deal and there are mechanisms in place to thwart someone from abusing it. If you feel that strongly, or if your commish feels that strongly, there are clear options to rectify the situation.

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You guys realize the commissioner can go in and reverse the trades right? It’s not s huge deal. Stuff happens. Lay off Niv here.

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