Trades before the January 31st offseason deadline

If a trade offer is accepted prior to the Wed Jan 31 11:59pm deadline, will it be processed after the deadline or must it be completed (through league approval and be processed) before the deadline Wed night?

It will be processed after the deadline, but you will not be able to cut that player, so you will essentially keep that player by default prior to your league auction.

interesting…question came to me as I saw some of the pre-deadline cuts coming in

And just to be clear, you only need to be under the cap AFTER it’s processed, right?

Say that right now, I have 30 keepers at a cost of $420. I’m obviously not compliant with the cap. But this afternoon, I agree to trade my $65 Trout for a $15 Bellinger. At the deadline tonight, I’m still at $420 but after the trade is processed, I’ll be at 30 players and $370, which is compliant. This scenario would be ok, right? No cap penalties, etc.

Yes, definitely. Where would the cap penalties come from?

Nowhere, which is why I figured it must be ok. I just wanted to verify since I may be in that situation.

Yeah, teams that need a trade to process in order to get under limits are able to participate in the auction draft, etc. If you’re not under limits by the time the auction draft comes around, you won’t be able to participate.