Trades in Leagues w/ Weekly Lineups

Situation as follows:

Old-school 5x5, weekly lineup changes. Trade goes through after rosters lock for the week.

After trade goes through, I see player I acquired on my roster but not in my lineup for the week – makes sense.

On the other team, I see that the player I acquired is no longer on their roster. However, that player still appears on the lineup page for the team that traded away the player.

Is that team getting that player’s stats for the current week? The player still appears on the Today’s Stats page on the former team.

Thanks for your help.

Yes, they locked into that lineup on Monday and will get stats on the team they locked on for the whole week.

Okay, thanks. Maybe something to consider changing as it doesn’t really reflect how that would work in real life. I get not being able to add to the acquiring team’s lineup but it would make more sense if the selling team did not get those stats.

I don’t think that’s right - the player should produce stats for some team, and if he’s locked for the week on to a team, he should produce stats for the team he locked in for.

If you traded a player in your daily lineup league out of your lineup mid-game, you’d expect all those stats to just disappear? That doesn’t seem right to me.

We’ve had weekly lineups for 10 years now and this has never been an issue before, fwiw. There are not a ton of weekly lineup leagues, but still.

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