Trading Contreras and Gallo

I am sorry to post here since the trade is not in ottoneu, but I have received great input in the past here.
The league is a keeper league. I have received two offers from the same manager.
I give Robbie Ray, Contreras and Gallo for Rizzo.
I give Contreras and Gallo for Votto.

I don’t have a good 1b. Reynolds or Murphy or of course I put Gallo there.
I do like Contreras, but I don’t love him-I have Mejia on a prospect roster, which should be better than contreras in a year or two- I hope.
I worry about Votto’s age in a keeper league. Giving up Ray for Rizzo makes some sense since I have bumgarner, strasberg, Tanaka, sanatana, Cobb, but I don’t have a ton of quality SP .

thanks for any thoughts.

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Are there prices involved? I would definitely lean towards the Votto offer since you don’t have to give up Ray. I don’t see a massive difference between Votto and Rizzo over at least the next 3 seasons, maybe more.

I’m standing pat in the face of these two offers…if Gallo can cut down on his Ks and get you a .265 BA you’ll have a bargain…and in Murphy you have the same 1B/2B eligibility that Rizzo gives you

so with Murphy in the equation, and Reynolds yet unsigned and possibly going back to the Rockies to platoon with McMahon, I think you’re well positioned to wait it out

and don’t trade away a young catcher

Don’t give up Robbie Ray, that’s how i would approach this

thank you for the input. I gave up Contreras, Gallo, Reynolds and got Votto and Herrera.

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