Traditional Points Viewing

Is it possible to get the players fantasy points for the season on either the roster page or the weekly lineup view for traditional points leagues?

I’ll add stats for category leagues and points for points leagues to the roster page this week.


You are the best!

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The team roster page now shows fantasy points per game for those in points leagues and relevant stats for those in category leagues. These tables are sortable. I think this works, but let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see on these pages.

This looks great! Would it be possible to add a filter so that it just displays the stats earned while in the lineup?

For category leagues, it would be helpful to see FGM, FGA, 3PM, 3PA as well as FG% and 3P% (or just the attempted, so we can weight by the denominator). Maybe display as you have them in the matchup page (i.e., FGA/FGM displayed in a corner of the box)? Just a thought.

I believe the Team Production page is meant to show this.

For category leagues I’m already feeling like this table is extremely packed, but the value of the denominator is also undeniable. I think my advice would be to use leaderboards for now, but I’ll experiment with getting this info in there.

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