Travis Shaw eligibility problem

There’s a problem in my league with Travis Shaw. He’s listed at both first and third base, but the owner in my league can’t get him in at third base. When he highlights him in the lineup, it only lets him put him in at 1B and UTIL. Is this a common problem?

Did he already have a player in at 3B when a game had started? The 3B position could have been locked due to a game starting.

No, it just doesn’t give it as an option.

And this has been happening since he first became eligible for third a week or so ago

Never mind. I logged in to his page and he just didn’t know how to do it right. He assured me he was. Sorry about that.

The reason this happened for anyone who stumbles upon this kind of problem is that Travis Shaw was probably in at 1B, and the player at 3B did not have the eligibility for 1B. Ottoneu’s lineup page require that you bench your player at 3B in this scenario, and then pop Shaw into your newly freed 3B slot.

If this sounds weird to you, help me out by joining this autodrafting Yahoo league which will exist entirely so I can play around with the Yahoo lineup page interface (among other things).

Yes, this is exactly what it was. I logged in to his account and adjusted the lineup myself. Thanks Niv!

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Yea if you can code it @Niv simple fix would be to allow the move from 1B to 3B, but then have the player that’s at 3B revert to the bench if ineligible for 1B. That’s how Yahoo does it, believe that’s how it works on ESPN too.

Not sure if this necessarily needs fixing though either. Very low priority I’d think.

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