Trends Drop-down on the Lineups Page

While I love the splits options for 30-day, 14-day, 7-day, v R, v L on the lineup page drop down (and the others), I don’t see why they need to be separate options that only change one/two point of data. Could there be a Trends options that lists? (for H2H as an example):
Player- Opponent- Games- (maybe ABs?)- Season P/G- 30-Day P/G- 14-Day- 7-Day- vR- vL

I’m ambivalent about Points Scored being listed in the above. Maybe it’s a separate drop down, or if there is room, it appears next to each P/G column?

Whenever I am looking at previous production I end up having to change the drop down again and again to get a good sense of their trends anyway. I’d rather seen the trends all to together, instead of how many HR they hit in each period.

However, I get that this might be useful in 4x4 or 5x5 leagues, but I would guess that you’d have space for the trends and the stats in those league (rather than H2H or Points- where there 9 categories.


@Niv, this reminds me of an improvement I’d love to see regarding a “Trends” option for the lineup page. Why not a stats option that aggregates the historical stats categories (7, 15, 30, and even R/L, H/A splits) on one line? Maybe just P/G or P/IP?

Typically I have to switch back and forth to make decisions, which seems unnecessary. I’ve made a wishlist request, but it might have been buried! Trends Drop-down on the Lineups Page

Go vote for it people! :slight_smile:

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