Trouble Accessing 2018 Draft Results


Good afternoon,

For a league that started in 2018, I can’t seem to access the draft results. When I got to a league that has been around a few seasons, the screen is blank at first, but if I navigate to 2017 results appear and then when I navigate back to 2018 I can see the results. So I think the issue is with results not initially loading when you land on the Draft Results page.

The league that only has 2018 results that I can’t access at all is 979. The league whose 2018 results I can access after navigating around is 653.


Looks like that page doesn’t act properly on first load, it might be trying to load 2019 draft results. I’ll move this over to a tech support issue and try and get to it this afternoon.


This was easy enough and is now fixed. Thanks for the heads up @walt526


Awesome, thanks!