Two day draft?

Niv with the new draft room would it be an issue to run the draft for two days? It would be for a new league and it is currently scheduled March 1. I was going to run it for March 1 and 2 or March 8-9 due to the time it takes to draft 480 players. Pause the draft at player 240 and pick up the next day.

It’s always been the case that you can pause the auction draft and resume it whenever you want. Your plan will work!

You also can end the draft early using the commissioner tools and fill out rosters using the 48hr auctions.


is it possible to pause and resume the auction draft on a different day if needed?

Yes, many first leagues do this to split up the time required for a draft of 480 players (12 teams x 40 player rosters).

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I’d actually recommend doing this for a brand new league. Its torture to try to draft 480 players in one sitting.