Two guys looking to join a league

Two guys that are new to Ottoneu wanting to join a league if at all possible. Both very dedicated to FBB, so we’d be pretty active. Just looking to get our foot in the door…assumed a younger league with newbies might be best? Looking for any advice as well, just new to this whole thing. Thanks! Christian

Were you ever able to find a league? Currently filling a league with all experienced fantasy players but Ottoneu newbies. We could accommodate both of you

I might still be interested (the other guy is out), can you show me the teams available, or is this a totally new league?

Hey StevenC I’d be up for joining the league too. Pretty experienced fantasy player but never done an ottoneu league before.

The league is a 5x5 roto league and is in the $9.99 tier.
Draft is March 10th and will be somewhere around 10 am CT to 12 pm CT. This is a completely new league. I should have a spot for both of you. If interested, shoot me an email at Gonna be really competitive and a lot of fun but we are all new to the format.

Cool, thanks. I just emailed you.

Hi Steven, If you still have spots available i would be down… new to ottoneu but not fantasy as a whole

If you’re still looking…
Two teams in league 99 available. FGPTS, 5MiLB system.

auction scheduled for March 10th
@runfolk on slack

Let me know if you’re interested.

If anyone’s still looking for a league, we’re a new one looking for 3 more owners. $50 5x5, drafting Thurs March 22 at 9pm EST.

Message me if interested.

Myself and a buddy of mine are interested. Openings available?

Just filled up, sorry!