Two openings in Slumpbusters - $50 Roto geared towards beginners

Hello! I’m expecting to have two openings in our league - Slumpbusters. We’re entering our first offseason and two inactives, Bandits, and Perfectos, are available due to inactivity. Both teams have some huge names on their rosters so there’s a lot of opportunity to right the ship from the get-go. We’re geared towards inexperienced owners, so those with < 5 total league seasons would be preferred. Would love to have replacements in as soon as arbitration starts, so please message if interested!

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(slightly) Amended Rules

Clearly, I don’t know what I’m doing. So forgive me if you are receiving this message twice, but I will take over as owner of the Bandits team. Just let me know how to join.

@x393 Haha you’re good man, I got both messages! It’s likely because I haven’t deleted the owners from the previous teams yet. I gave them until Monday to show a sign of life but there’s a 99% chance they wont since they’ve been inactive for the whole season. You’ve got Bandits on lock if/when Monday rolls around and the current owner doesn’t respond, does it sound good if I e-mail you a link to join then? Thanks.

Sure thing. I’m new to this website, so not sure what information you have access to. If you need my email address, let me know.

Also interested in Bandits if for some reason x393 can’t make it work. That Perfectos roster looks … a little more challenging.

@Groundout I’ll keep you in mind for next in line for Bandits. You wouldn’t want Perfectos at this time? On the flip side any huge contracts you don’t like means you can cut for tons of cap flexibility. Altuve, Harper, and Kershaw are all FA already for the next draft :slight_smile:

If Groundout isn’t interested in Perfecto, I may have a buddy who is.

I’ll take a closer look at the team and the league, but don’t hold the spot for me or anything.

Up to you guys, @x393 and @Groundout. Whoever wants Pefectos and has real interest can have it :slight_smile:

@x393 and @Groundout (and anyone else) I just wanted to let you both know that ‘Joe Buck Yourself’ has also opened up. So we’re back to two open teams, Perfectos, and Joe Buck Yourself. Please feel free to claim the team or reach out if interested. Thanks!

I’d take Joe Buck Yourself. How do I claim it? (A bit new here…)

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I have never done an Ottoneu league, but been doing fantasy for a long time. Very interested though if you still have a team available. email is if you need someone! May need some hand holding to start as I’m still confused as hell about whats going on with this arbitration jazz.

Update - still looking for an owner for Perfectos, come join!

Hi mmaude,

I’ve been wanting to get into a dynasty league with prospects for a long time and just stumbled onto this site. Perfectos looks like a team I would enjoy and the owners in this league look like they enjoy themselves. I’ve never played on this site, but looks like a ton of fun. How would I claim Perfectos?

Hey Derelict,

We have two openings in our $50 5x5 ottoneu league:


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Have you filled these two teams yet? Myself an another guy will take them if so.

These two teams are avaiable:


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@jginsbur unfortunately they filled, but you can check out @sdfdranger’s invitations below!

Hey Bill. I believe myself and another owner will take the two teams.

How do we pick up the teams?