Two Owners Needed! H2H FanGraphs Points Scoring!


I am the commissioner of a league that needs new owners!! This is our league.

We are a 20 dollar league, with H2H using FanGraphs Points scoring.

The teams that need new owners are (one of them is tentatively claimed):

Juiced Launch Angles
Mustachioed Gentlemen
5.5 Hole

If you are interested, please respond soon! We are planning to have a draft Wednesday evening at 8:30 PM.

Thank you!

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I would be interested in grabbing a team. Either JLA or the Mustachioed Gents, if either of them are still available. Thanks!

David K


Thanks! There is one team left, and also one person who contacted me before you. But if they decide not to follow through I will let you know!


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David (@PunkinDonuts),
The other person backed out, are you still interested? One of the teams you requested, JLA, is the one still available.


Sure, let’s rock and roll!

Alright!! You’re in!

@pfkramer3307 Looks like you might have an inactive team. I’m interested if the guy has flown the coop.

Hey, great to know there’s interest! I have given the owner until Thursday afternoon to respond. So, if I don’t hear from them by then, I will give the team over to you!

OK. Just don’t mark it as abandoned so I don’t have to pay the $20.

I am going to transfer the team now to you! Sorry about the delay.

it should be done! the team is yours.

Just FYI, you only have to pay $20 if the teams expired, ie the latest renew by date is in the past. Abandoned teams are always free to pick up for the remainder of the year.