Two owners needed in league 531 — established points. $10


Hey this year I had to kick someone out of my league for being verbally abusive to many other managers. It was a real strange scene since we are all friends — this guy sort of lost his mind. Anyway it left a poor taste in the mouth of another manager so he was gone.

We are a solid group of guys and many play in my other 4x4 league, this year was just an oddity. We are all very engaged and have a private Facebook page that we engage in often.

The league is #531 - Leisured Gentlemen’s League II

Let me know


PS: We are all mostly located in CA (Bay Area and OC) but two are in Albuquerque and one is in Portland. We are baseball nerds that need some new friends!


Here are the teams that need filled:


I’m game if you’ll have me. I actually just moved to the West Coast, too. I’m currently in a 4x4 and am looking to join a points league. I’ll take Affirmative Action if it’s still available.


I have someone who wants AA. I will shoot them an email and let you know ASAP.



Sounds good and if they end up taking that team, I’ll take the other, no problem.