Two owners needed in league 531 — established points. $10

Hey this year I had to kick someone out of my league for being verbally abusive to many other managers. It was a real strange scene since we are all friends — this guy sort of lost his mind. Anyway it left a poor taste in the mouth of another manager so he was gone.

We are a solid group of guys and many play in my other 4x4 league, this year was just an oddity. We are all very engaged and have a private Facebook page that we engage in often.

The league is #531 - Leisured Gentlemen’s League II

Let me know


PS: We are all mostly located in CA (Bay Area and OC) but two are in Albuquerque and one is in Portland. We are baseball nerds that need some new friends!

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Here are the teams that need filled:

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I’m game if you’ll have me. I actually just moved to the West Coast, too. I’m currently in a 4x4 and am looking to join a points league. I’ll take Affirmative Action if it’s still available.

I have someone who wants AA. I will shoot them an email and let you know ASAP.


Sounds good and if they end up taking that team, I’ll take the other, no problem.