Two people joined and paid for my league, can I get them refunded?

I am running an Ottoneu football league and accidentally left it public instead of private. While the last two people were about to join, two people joined and paid. I removed them but realized they paid and should be refunded. Can you help?

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Yeah definitely. Link me to the league and I’ll see what’s up.

The two vacated teams. Thanks!

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Were you able to change your league to private?

Since then, yes.

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Those 2 teams have been removed and the people who paid for them will be refunded shortly.

Same deal with the team The Dukes in a league entitled RED ZONE. Team was mistakenly claimed, I was under the impression the league was private. Former owner intends to play which would again fill up the league. I instructed the claiming owner to email you. …thanks

Will take care of it tonight or tomorrow AM.

Ok thanks

The owner that claimed the expired team has been refunded and replaced with the previous team owner.

That owner let the team expire once and has to pay immediately in order to prevent the team from being expired again.

Expired teams are available to anyone and the best way to keep the same group of owners together is to make sure everyone renews their team at the keeper deadline.


Person is on vacation, doing my best to chase them down. League should be private now. …thanks again

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