Two small Auction Draft changes

I’ve rolled out two small Auction Draft changes today that I want to make sure people are aware of. If you run into issues with the auction draft, please email

  1. The threshold of how many times a player must be rostered in an active league to be on the “top players” lists has been increased slightly. This is to remove certain players from the top FA list that frankly should not be there. In the future I plan on adding a cross-check against Chad Young’s player rankings, but that most likely won’t happen for this season.

  2. Teams that are offline are no longer skipped for their turn in nomination. This is to allow teams that temporarily disconnect from the draft to be able to reconnect quickly without missing a turn, and to avoid a possible edge case scenario where multiple teams are temporarily disconnected from the draft and the draft software determines that means the draft is over. If a team is offline permanently, the commissioner still has the option in commissioner tools to mark them as ‘done’ with the draft, which would skip their subsequent turns to nominate.