Two Spots Available in H2H League

There are two spots available in our H2H Fangraph Pts league.

Draft schedule is as follows:
Sat, 03/17 @ 20:00 PDT - we’ll try to push it as late as people can manage; five votes from managers ends the draft for the night.
Fri, 03/23 @ 20:00 PDT - we’ll try to finish, again, five manager votes ends the draft for the night.
Sat, 03/24 @ 20:00 PDT - we’ll wrap things up, if necessary.

Let me know if you’re interested! We’d love to have you.

I haven’t done a head to head league on ottoneu. What is the buy in? I am interested.

We're all first-time Ottoneu managers as well. Buy-in is $9.99. Here is the league:

Let me know if you want me to send an invite.

Thank You for the offer but I really like doing leagues for $100 buy in for dynasty leagues I think guys pay more attention to the league…

Fair enough. I disagree, but good luck to you!

Hey Foulballs Champ, this league may very well turn into a $100 league. We didn’t want to fully commit to that this year bc all of us are brand new to Otteneu and we want to learn the ropes first. If we like it, we could switch to a $100 buy-in as early as next year. And trust me, at least three of us nerd out on fantasy baseball and we’ll definitely take it seriously.

Ok send me the link I will get in. Ottoneu is great and I am always looking for good fantasy players.

Great, I just added you to the league. I can promise you’ll we’ll be forcing people out who don’t pay attention to their team’s this year. Finding 12 equally obsessive managers might take a little bit of time. If you have anyone you know would be a good addition to the team, let me know, we’ll make adjustments.

Is this the scoring system we are using? AB -1.0 H 5.6 2B 2.9 3B 5.7 HR 9.4 BB 3.0 HBP 3.0 SB 1.9 CS -2.8 IP 7.4 K 2.0 H -2.6 BB -3.0 HBP -3.0 HR -12.3 SV 5.0 HOLDS 4.0 Ron Los Angelos

Yes, Fangraph Points.