Two-start SPs page

With the integration of the new projected starting pitchers feed, we now have a page that lists all the two-start SPs for both this week and next week and sometimes into the following week. This page will be accessible through the Players menu in the future, but I wanted to share it with the community to get some feedback before making it a permanent part of the site.

The page is at “twostartSPs”, so my league’s two-start page lives at

Replace the number “1” with your league ID to see your two-start SP page.


This could be great for making up innings at the end of the year! Not to mention the H2H aspect, heh :wink:

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Yep, there are weekly lineup leagues too. Might make sense to link to this page from the lineup page directly!

It looks good, but it is showing a pitcher I cut as one of the SPs owned by me, instead of as a Free Agent.

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Thanks, this has been fixed, I believe

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Usability feedback: I probably don’t care if I can see SPs owned by others, but I would like to see opponent for the two starts, so I can determine how tough a matchup the SP faces. Of course, I’m not playing H2H, so I can see that my opponent for the week might matter in those cases.

Yeah, so generally are these 2-start SP pages more useful if it only shows free agents? What do y’all prefer?

I think you are right…Free Agents only. Even in H2H, Ottoneu limits SPs to 2 per day, so there is probably little reason to include the week’s opponent in this. Keep it simple.

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FA-only and showing matchups make sense to me, but the new feed has different major league team IDs than our other data providers, and I haven’t gotten around to building a lookup table yet. So, I’ll look into doing that later tonight.

This page has been updated:

  1. It only shows FA SPs now. I’m happy to change this based on feedback.
  2. Matchups are now displayed

Please take a peek and let me know your thoughts.

It looks much more useful now. But I wonder if something is broken. For both weeks, it only shows Monday-Saturday SPs. None are Monday-Sunday or Tuesday-Saturday. I’m pretty sure there are some of those too.

I agree, it doesn’t seem to be including enough pitchers.

UPDATE: ok, much better now.