Two Teams Available in League 1174 - $20 FGPTs w/ 5MiLB - 3 Team Dispersal Draft

We need to fill two more spots in League 1174. 3 total teams turned over this offseason and we’ll be doing a dispersal draft for the three new managers. Some interesting pieces to build around:

$23 Wheeler
$25 Muncy
$10 Walsh
$14 Will Smith
$6 Manoah
$37 Devers
$9 Trevor Rogers
$12 Musgrove
$13 Sale
$6 Clevenger
$4 Verlander
$0 (MiLB) - Riley Green, George Kirby, Alek Thomas, George Valera, Nick Lodolo

Message if you’re interested!

Still looking for two more teams if anyone is interested!

There still any openings?

Hey, yes there are still two openings. Are you interested in taking one of the available teams?

Looking for ONE more team - let me know if you’re interested

is there still a team available?

All teams claimed? If not, drop me line. Thank you.
Scott T.

Looks great, I’m interested! Love to join!