Two-Way players and pitching slots other than their eligibility

Is it not possible to put McKay (or other two-way SPs) in a RP slot? TB has a double header today and just recalled McKay. A RP appearance seems like a reasonable possibility.

It is, just make sure the RP slot is empty before you move him into it per this thread.

EDIT Wait, I think it is? Are the empty RP slots not lighting up?

I’ve confirmed that empty RP slots do not light up for two-way players with SP eligibility and am investigating.

Ok I have pushed a fix for this issue. If you still are not able to move McKay or Ohtani into a RP spot, or Michael Lorenzen into a SP slot, please let me know.

Appears to be working now

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Disregard my message today 3/6/2020… I was trying to move Lorenezen by iPhone browser and when I went to move him in google chrome via web browser from the laptop, all is well!

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If you run into issues like that, please make sure to try and clear your browser’s cache. It is probably related to out-of-date Javascript.

I cleared the cache, but I am having issues placing Michael Lorenzen into a RP slot. I am able to place him in an OF, offensive bench, and SP spot, but his position eligibility listed on this site and where he should collect pitching stats is RP. I cannot place him on my pitching bench either. Is there a fix for this that I am not seeing in the community threads?

Thank you!

Are you moving him into an empty RP slot?

Upon further review, I was not moving him to an empty RP slot. I went back in and was able to do so once I made a slot available. I am used to swapping out players to those position spots from the bench, which in this case isn’t possible because he is not able to be on the pitching bench. Not a huge issue (1st world problem really), I will manage it moving forward.

Thank you, again!

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