Tyler Skaggs RIP

Not sure if this is really a “wish,” but when a player dies and is subsequently dropped, can a commissioner waive the cap penalty?

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I received this request via email as well - thank you for bringing it up here.

In the case of an in-season untimely and tragic passing like that of Tyler Skaggs, I think the cap penalty relief should be universal, rather than on a league by league basis. Sometime this weekend or early next week I will formalize this via a rules update. I’ll then manually remove cap penalties for Tyler Skaggs across all leagues.


The rule changes will be as follows:

I. g. The player pool comprises of all players in all Major League and Minor League baseball organizations, as well as living players who in the past have been under contract to play baseball in the Major or Minor Leagues.

V. f. ii. An exception to the cap penalty occurs if an active player passes away mid-season. In this case, cap penalties for the player will be removed globally and the player will be removed from the player pool


Tyler Skaggs has been removed from the Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball player pool. All existing cap penalties associated with him have been removed and going forward if he is cut he will not have a cap penalty associated with him. He will no longer appear in Player Search as well.

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My cap penalty was removed, but my cap space remains unchanged. Prior to Skaggs’ removal my cap used was $486 with a $14 total penalty. Now, I’m showing $489 cap used with a $11 total penalty, but my roster still totals $486. I should have gained $3 in cap space with his removal, but somehow his cap penalty essentially just moved to my active roster spending.

I forgot to reset some cached values. Let me know if the cap space is freed now. If it is not I’ll investigate further.

That did it. Thank You!!

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