Unable to edit SP slots and lineup when over the GS limit

It looks like there’s some bug in the SP lineup limiter. My GS count now reads -1. And I’m unable to adjust lineups for Sunday. It reads this error when attempting a change: “Please move one or more of your SPs to the Bench and try again”. I, of course, cannot access any SP slots to adjust when I’ve already hit my GS limit. Apparently, somehow, over the limit even!


Ok I’ll investigate

I believe this should be fixed. Please let me know if you still have this issue.

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This issue is fixed going forward but may still lock some owners out of their lineups. Please email help@ottoneu.com if you have -1 starts left for the week.

The site was miscounting starts remaining by not including the current day’s starts. I have fixed this bug.

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I think there might still be a counting issue of some sort.
My league (1016) has GS cap of 9. I’ve started 7 this week so far. It says I have 3 starts remaining. Unless I’m missing something else.

Could you share a link to your lineups page here and let me know which team is yours? I’ll investigate today.

https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/1016/setlineups Arthurian Legends

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Interesting - it looks like a cached value didn’t update properly. I’ll investigate how this happened.

I should mention that your number of SP starts remaining looks correct now.

I’ve used 9 SP now, which is our limit and it says 2 SP available. Sorry that my team seems to be the cause of some issue. heh.

Actually…looking at another team in my league shows the same issue I think.
I think The Profane Undertones has started 9 and shows 1 left.

Does that look fixed now?

It does seem fixed but I’m still sorting out what the underlying issue is.