Unreachable Owner

We had an owner connecting in and out of the draft and didn’t think much of it. He ended up disconnecting for good with about 20 roster spots and about $130 left. We have not heard anything from him since the draft and he has not logged on or responded to any messages.

First of all, really hoping the owner is okay. Just wondering if anyone had a suggestion for how to proceed with the MLB season starting in two days? Should we add a temporary proxy just to fill his lineups? Temporary co-owner but give penalty free cuts later if the owner resurfaces?

Not really sure so I thought I’d ask the community for their thoughts and suggestions.

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If you go into the commish tools, you can get his email (I believe that it’s under “Team Management”). I’d send him an email if he’s not responding to league DMs.

It’s always tricky as to when to replace an owner, especially this early in the season. At this point, there’s probably not much difference between replacing him now versus in two weeks. So I’d give it a few weeks and see if he resurfaces. The calculus is a little trickier if it’s a H2H league since there’s an advantage to teams that face his team early in the season. Although if he’s got $130 and 20 roster spots free, that team probably won’t be very competitive this season anyway.


Our draft was March 18th so it’s been close to 2 weeks without any activity. That’s a fair point with the timeline to replace. I believe our commisioner has emailed them (will double check); but we’ll give them some more time and hope they come around.

Thankfully it’s a standard points league so there won’t be any specific advantages to other teams.

Is the team available?
I’d be interested in taking over.

Can always add a caretaker co-owner who would step back if the original person comes back.