Unread messages sending too many email notifications

I am somehow receiving emails every 20 minutes when I have an unread private message. Also, the counter on unread messages doesn’t reset when messages are read. What have I done?

I don’t know but it is definitely your fault!

I’ve actually seen a couple of reports about this and I am looking into it. I will turn off the email notifications for unread messages in the meantime.

@Foulballs_Champ messaged me about this as well, pinging so they can see I’m looking at it.

I believe the unread notification should be fixed. I am still investigating the emails being sent.

Niv no big deal but my notifications is still showing unread messages although all of em have been read. Its league 979. I logged out and back in and the problem still exists. I have had other messages today in other leagues and those notifications worked fine. If it helps…

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Ok, I’m continuing to investigate. Please let me know if anything changes.

Its all good on the fix

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I’ve turned the script back on that sends out emails on unread team messages. Please let me know if you’re seeing too many of these emails.

Has not happened since the reset. Thanks Niv.

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