[Update] Only 2 owners needed: H2H $50 0.5 ppr 2 flex Football

The following two teams are available. Looking to draft Wednesday. Can make roster cuts as needed



What time is your draft on Wednesday?

Planning on 7pm EST but haven’t locked it down fully yet

I’ll take one of these teams if still needed. Preferably Threat Level Midnight if I can make cuts. Have loved baseball, wanting to get into football. Will be active in the league.

Threat level midnight has been claimed, so the only team left is Hans Wermhat.

If you are alright with this, I will add you in tonight and can cut any players needed!

Yeah that’s fine by me! That works, I’ll cut guys tonight. Draft is tomorrow?

Yep! Tomorrow at 9pm

Send me who you want to cut and I will cut them for you so you don’t have cap penalties

Sweet sounds good, I’ll renew here in a little and check out the team (I’m in mountain time). 9pm eastern correct? Thanks man! My name is Garrett by the way haha.

Great to meet you, Garrett! Name’s Barry. And yes, 9pm EST tomorrow!