Updated Trade Blocks Not Sending Notifications

Niv, per our message, I updated my trade block in 649 today at 2:49 PM. I see on my block that it updated, but no message was posted to the league message board and I did not/have not received an email of the block update. Looks like my notification preferences are “on”.

Nice upgrade!

Emails are sent with a slight lag behind the initial trade block change, so as to capture a series of changes at once if possible.

Trade block changes no longer update the message board.

I should mention additionally that by design there is no email sent if the only change made to a trade block is the note. This maybe should change, I am not sure.

Ok. In 649 I resent the entire block, added new players, and added a new note. Haven’t seen an email yet

If you don’t see an email by midnight ET tonight, please let me know. My guess is you only changed the trade block note the first time, which caused the system to ignore any future emails from your trade block for 6 hours from that point, at 2:49p ET. It should queue up a new email around 9p, based on the timing of everything from what I can tell.

I’m marking this as resolved. The timing on the email sends was a little weird on day one due to how I set things up, but going forward it should be a lot closer to the actual change on the trade block.

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I’ve made a change so that going forward, if you only change your “Note” on your trade block, an email will still be sent out to your league.

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