Value of prospects Tatis and Bichette each for $3

I have almost completed my first season in Ottoneu and it has been fun. I just have several players that I am struggling to find their value so early in January.
Tatis Jr and Bichette both for $3 each. Neither will get any major playing time this year, but I assume both will get called up and possibly next year have a starting gig. They would both be at $5 plus any bidding. I guess I should keep them. Not too expensive with potential to pay off in 19. Any other thoughts?
What about Cabrera at 27?
Bellinger at 28?
Correa at 54?

I am leaning towards letting them all go back to the auciton.

As top 50 prospects with pretty significant upside, I would definitely hang on to Tatis and Bichette at $3. At worst, they will be trade chips late in the year if you are in contention and want things to trade to teams that are out the running and have begun retooling for 2019.

Bellinger is projected at $25 value in 2018. Would go for well above that at auction due to inflation, so I would keep. At worst, you could definitely find a trade partner at that price.

Correa is projected at $46, so the same situation as Bellinger. Too valuable to let go back to the auction.

Cabrera (assuming Miguel) is projected at $27. If you have the cap space, I would keep and see how he looks the first 6 weeks. Then drop if he continues to struggle with performance or injuries again. Lots of upside if he rebounds.


Agree with @dalewilson13 - you should definitely keep Tatis and Bichette at those prices as they are very likely to be Top 10 @prospects which you will need to either trade (in-season) for reinforcements if you are competitive, or to build around for the future. Prospects can be difficult to value in Ottoneu, but if you happen to have Top 10 offensive guys for just a few dollars, those are very valuable chips.

I took over a team with Bichette at $9 and Luis Robert at $5

think either or both might be trade chips at those prices mid-season?