Veto trades

It seems like it is almost impossible to veto a trade. In leagues I have been in, you are lucky if you can get half of the owners to vote on trades. So to require 50% + 1 is almost impossible to attain.

So wha can be done to encourage 100% voting?

Vetoes should be a very rare thing. I’ve seen one in six years. Why the need to make it easier?

Let’s assume a hypothetical league where each owner is totally evil (like me!) so that they always veto any trades because they simply hate seeing others benefit from trades.

If trade veto existed in real MLB, there would certainly be several vetoes exercised every year (Shelby Miller trade would’ve been vetoed by the other 28 clubs).

I’m just wondering what discourages owners from exercising veto rights. Would there be any solution if that kind of situation occured other than watching it collapse?

By the way, it’s good to hear that you’ve ever seen just one vetoed trade in the last six years.

Can’t speak for all owners, but I think in general most Ottoneu players believe if two teams agree to a deal, that deal should stand, and that a veto is unnecessary. In other words, a lot of folks believe that a veto should only be used when collusion is evident.

Regardless of where you come down on the veto spectrum, I think you do want a league where enacting a veto is very difficult. You want teams to be able to trade freely without fear of veto; “bad” trades are just part of the game, and can often look very different twelve months into the future.

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Just curious when and if you ever hit the veto button. I have seen some stuff that looks like either collusion or insanity not sure if I want to say anything or not.

If you think there’s collusion or something else insane happening, I’d post about it on the message board instead of vetoing a trade and hoping some other people veto too.

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