Vetoing Trades of Players for Cap Space

The Kevin Mitchell Report gives up…

Nelson Cruz WSN Util R $6
Kevin Gausman TOR SP R $28
Has $16 free, will have $50 free

Any interest in these guys? I’m looking for cap relief and have a couple holes to fill on my roster that I can’t make happen with a DH and so many SP’s… Figured you could use some bodies and have the cap space. Cheers - Leif

Get Trout to the Playoffs gives up…

Has $77 free, will have $43 free

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Consensus on the league message boards seems to be that I (Kevin Mitchell Report) didn’t receive any consideration and/or these types of trades aren’t fair. I strongly disagree with both assertions, and am surprised by the reactions.

  1. This is very common, Ottoneu gives a badge for these types of trades. Players traded for cash considerations is an extremely common practice in MLB as well. I think the Giants have done this at least twice during spring training already.

  2. I’d imagine all of you got at least one direct offer/inquiry from me regarding Gausman heading towards the keeper deadline. He has probably been the most offered guy in the league, ever.

  3. I posted my intentions on the message board and the trade block. I even posted in the trade notes so everyone who ignored the first two could catch the intent.

  4. Half the complaints seem to indicate they don’t like that I didn’t get anything. But I gained $34 in FAAB (in 2 days) and two roster spots…

  5. Cutting Gausman/Cruz would have given me immediate access to $17.

  • Both players would have been put on waivers at their FULL salary. I think they would have both been claimed, and I would have gotten the remaining $17. This would have taken 1 day, and would be the quickest route to regaining all my $.
  • If either player went unclaimed through waivers, then they would “hopefully” been nominated for auction at 50% of original salary. This would get me the rest of my money in a non-guaranteed 3 days.
  1. By trading Gausman and Cruz, I can bid on them if they do end up getting cut.

In Summary: I gained $34 FAAB in a guaranteed two days, two roster spots, and ability to bid on both players if they are cut in the next 30 days. The team I traded with missed the draft and had the most money available. They were the most logical target in the league.

Spoiler Alert Probably the biggest driver for me was a rule change in the OPL tourney. The OPL roster screenshot will only be taking account of the first 40 players you roster by date added. Essentially carrying anyone on any IL will be bad for OPL contestants. I plan to be aggressive with cuts this season to make sure I’ve got close to a full 40 present at each OPL screenshot. I’ve got too many pitchers and almost immediately regretted drafting a DH. So I needed to make the deal and fill the two new roster spots quickly via FAAB, which can be dicey. So yeah, I gained even more than meets the eye.

Have other leagues dealt with this specific issue? Does this trade unreasonable?


These types of trades used to bother me but I’ve come around to them over the offseason. I personally think they should be allowed since they’re well within the rules of the game, however I can see your leaguemates argument that you circumvented with Waiver Wire. The issue with that case though is that you could have made the same trade for a $1 player in return and they’d still be mad. You traded two really good players you didn’t need for CAP SPACE, which you’re right MLB teams do on the regular.

That being said I wouldn’t piss off a league based on principle so if the MAJORITY can come to a consensus that these types of trades shouldn’t be allowed in this league then I’d give in. But if they can’t then the trade should stand and I think everyone should have to voice their opinion since you technically didn’t break any rules and a few angry voices shouldn’t have say over league operations.

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I agree and have no issues with your trade process and logic the way it is presented. Your leaguemates could have offered something of value for the players, but did not. You took what you felt was the best route for your team.


I don’t see a problem with free disposal trades.

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I think if the team makes an announcement on the league page and says I want to move a couple of guys for cash. Here are the guys. Make me an offer. That gives the entire league an opportunity to get in on it. I can’t see how anyone would object to it. But to have it just show up as a done deal, the paranoid types are going to scream collusion every time. Be transparent about it, and it should be fine.


Announcement is the key. If you do that, there is no basis for any complaint.

Explain why the team getting a $28 Gausman wouldn’t have been better off just waiting for you to cut him.

Buying at $28 instead of competing at auction where price could be higher.