Viewing H2H scoring with multiple matchups

I love the multiple matchup feature - feels like a great way to play h2h. Only issue might be viewing the scores, on my bball league homepage ( the matchup scores are kinda hard to process. Is it possible to show the weekly in-progress totals as a short table, with highlighted/outlined team names indicating who I’m playing against this week? Anyway thanks again for everything.

For baseball, I show only the games your team is in with a link to the full schedule if you want to see other teams.

This seems to be a thing that should be brought over to basketball.

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For leagues with more than 6 games in a week, the home page now only shows the games for your team. If you visit a home page and aren’t in that league, you’ll see all the games.

I’ve also added a link to the full schedule so you can easily see all the games in your league if you are so inclined.

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Thank you, it looks great!

Saw this small weird thing too - the point totals look like they are sums of all multiple matches (3x higher than normal), but the matchup records look right.

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I’ll check this out tomorrow first thing!

Just understood that you meant the point totals in the standings box. Should have that fixed shortly.

I believe the point totals in the standings for leagues with multiple matchups has been fixed to not be tripled.