Vlad, Jr. Report


Wow, this is high praise for Vladimir Guerrero, Jr.


Highly suspect but I do like Vlad. 80 hit and 80 power seems like hyperbole of the highest order.


Continued high praise for Vlad, Jr.


BP just had their Jays top 10 released today. Vladito was well liked:

Offensively he looks like a potential monster, but man…the body.

103 wRC+ projection for a 19 year old is nuts but there are few nitpicks:

Don’t love the GB rate (48% last year in A+)
Don’t love that it’s almost inevitable he moves across the diamond
Don’t love the power given a potential move (.161 ISO in A+)

Yeah, those are minor things, and he’s freaking 18, but a thing to keep an eye on that could prevent how from being an elite hitter instead of very good one (still a great outcome).


I’ve seen enough scouting info to suggest he could be pushed to right field, too, which would be a better outcome than 1B. But either way scouts seem to agree his offensive profile is strong enough to succeed even as 1B-only, which seems possible too, considering the reports on his defense.


Great recent article on scouting Vlad, Jr.