Waiver claim not processed

Hi there, I am 100% sure that I had placed a claim in my Fantasy Baseball league 1344 by checking the box next to Matt Strahm. He appears to have now cleared waivers.

Did my browser not send the selection back to Ottoneu for some reason?

(Also a related Wishlist item is adding a confirm button to the claims page)


I’m pretty confident you didn’t make a waiver claim, since there is no record of any claim for Matt Strahm in League 1344 in the database. On May 7, someone in your league claimed Taylor Rogers successfully, so I’m confident waiver claims are working fine. 37 claims have been made in your league in 2023. 4796 claims have been made across Ottoneu in 2023 without any issues brought to me via email or the forums.

Make sure to click the check box and wait for the confirmation banner that says “Waiver claim made”. If you aren’t sure if you saw it or aren’t sure if the site recognized your claim, just refresh the page and see if the box is checked. If the box is checked, claim is in. If the box isn’t checked, try again. If you cannot get the box to stay checked, please let me know on the forums.

We used to have a confirm claims button. It turns out checking a box is easy, but checking a box and remembering to hit “confirm” resulted in a lot more people thinking they made claims but then not making any claim. The second step caused too many mistakes and we won’t be adding the confirmation back to the waivers page. This is in contrast to the auction page where you are entering numbers and may fuss around with your bids a few times before you are finalized. A waiver claim is binary “yes/no” and adding a confirmation adds no value to the user while making it more likely someone doesn’t make a claim they meant to.

Hope this all makes sense.

This is just to say I went into the database and checked. People (including me!) mis-remember doing things all the time and the database is the ultimate source of truth on these sorts of things.

Hi Niv,

I suspect it was an issue on my end that stopped the information being sent back. I definitely checked the box but when scrolled down on a phone the waiver confirmation displays out of view and can be missed if you continue to look at other players etc.

I also understand your stance on the confirmation button.

Thanks for checking this