Waiver claim tiebreaker incorrect

I’m the Commissioner in League 207. We recently had a player on waivers claimed by several teams. The claim went to the highest ranked team in the league rather than the lowest ranked team who submitted a claim. As far as I can tell the owner submitted the claim correctly. Is there a way for the Administrator to check this? That’s not supposed to happen - Rule V.e is clear. Any help is appreciated.

I’ll check this out in a little bit.

Appreciate your help. When you look at the claim history, only one claim is showing for Sanchez (the one at issue) so it could be user-error by the team owner. They did tell me that they’d ticked the claim box and received the pop-up message “waiver claim made” .

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That list is complete but also that message only shows up if a claim is saved. I’ll investigate as soon as I can.

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It looks like the waiver claim for Sanchez was removed by any other team other than the one that won the claim. You only have to uncheck the box for a claim to be withdrawn, so I imagine this was done by accident.

Hi Niv - thank you for looking into this. I know you’re busy and this is a small issue. So your attention is much appreciated.

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Not a problem.

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