Week 1: Hockenson Uncredited 2 pt Conversion

Week 1, SF at DET:

This might be something that gets corrected automatically when the stat provider audits their data or whatever. But Hockenson (TE, DET) had a 2 pt conversion at about 1:53 left in Q4 that doesn’t appear to be credited for. Close matchup, so I might need those 2 points! LOL.

Example: League 89, Concussed Rodeo Clowns

EDIT: Opponent’s Aaron Rodgers is having one of the worst games of his career, so won’t need the 2 points afterall. LOL.

Our data provider seems to have this missing in their feed for this game and I’m reaching out to them for clarification.

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They have a known issue with regards to 2 point conversion receptions and are working on it. I’ve manually given Hockenson and Cephus 2 point conversion receptions.

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The data provider has resolved this and it should not be an issue going forward.