Week 17 Phantom Championship Game on League Home Page

Just to let you know, there’s a “phantom game” appearing on our League Home page (League 152). It’s a matchup between the 1st place team (mine) and the 2nd place team. The 1st place team played in the Championship game while the 2nd place team played in the 3rd Place Game. Please see screenshot; the game in the middle should not exist.

If you click through to the page for the phantom game, it’s showing as 0 points scored for both teams, although the game page has stats from the players that each team started.

Just bringing this to attention to fix to prevent a confusing situation potentially causing even more confusion.

Thanks for pointing this out. Looks like a bunch of games were generated that should not have been, I’ll look into them right now.

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These games have been removed.

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