Weekly/Daily lineups - changing settings

Was trying to determine if I could change our league from weekly to daily lineups (for next year but just curious if it was a permanent setting) and I seem to have made that switch and cannot now switch back. I looked at our settings, didn’t see a way to change the lineups, and clicked change settings - assuming I’d made no changes but might get a confirmation page (I know, my bad). Any way to change it back?

Yeah I need a link to your league homepage and can fix that shortly.


You want to move back to weekly for this season?

Correct, we’ve always played weekly but are considering switching for next year.

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Ok 871 should be all set.

Can’t get to my lineup page to check. Home page, roster, etc. all ok. Trying to go to lineups results in browser hanging and the “Oh No! Something bad has happened!” error page.

Ah, this should be set now. Let me know if your reset day of Monday is correct

Looks good. Thanks Niv!

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