We've been working on a redesign

For the last couple of months, I’ve been focusing on a big redesign of the ottoneu platform. We’ll be starting with football and moving into baseball for the 2017 season. I’d like to use this thread to share some early concepts from our designer and eventually reveal the new logos and design for ottoneu Fantasy Sports.

To kick things off, here is a very early direction from our designer, Kyle Fiedler, who works at thoughtbot as their Chief Design Officer.


Thanks for the update Niv - looking good

Here’s another logo direction we moved away from:

And just like that, new logos are up on Twitter, Facebook, and here on the community. Let us know what you think!


Look great. Love the simplicity. Baseball logo looks terrific

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Pretty sweet! I like the colors. Kind of a retro 70s/80s feel.

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Exactly what we were going for!

The latest iteration of Ottoneu Football is 1000x better than it was before. So much easier to navigate.

Edit: Any chance we might get a dropdown to easily switch between teams/leagues like in baseball? I love how easy that makes managing multiple squads.


Also, the mobile design/layout is well done too. This is awesome all around.

Continuing this thread, we’ve just released another iteration on some of the design elements. Make sure to refresh the page if you don’t see the changes.

These updates only for Football at this time?

Yessir, football-only for now, though baseball fans can expect some love before the 2017 season gets going.

This is an excellent update.

Love the football redesign. Makes navigating the site much easier.

Another round of football-specific design updates have been pushed out. For those of you that don’t play football yet, you can see what the site looks like here:


This round of changes has a simpler navigation and works much better on mobile. This should be it for football for the timebeing - we will start focusing on baseball going forward.

Hopefully y’all like the new look!

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Wow, this is excellent. Looks great.

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My favorite part of these design changes is the fact that Trey needs to visit the football page to see them. :football:

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