What happened to the "Extend your dynasty" click bait?

I have overcome my fears of Payalal and its security issues, if any. Now I can’t find a place to re-enlist. Am I the only dunce in this Otto baseball universe? (I suppose so: I can’t find a previous question to answer this.)


This thread will answer your questions:

That answer does not address my question, I don’t think. There has always been a click button to “Extend your dynasty”. I have seen it just a week or two ago. Presumably I need to find that button to sign up for next year. Is that incorrect?

The thread says payments haven’t launched yet and he’ll update the thread when they have.

The “Extend Your Dynasty” links haven’t been on the dashboard page for many months (maybe May?)

And yet the deadline to renew a league is basically tomorrow?

No, not that I’m aware of. Baseball leagues typically renew in January I believe

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