What happens if player in active lineup doesn't play?

If I put Zion in my lineup tonight and he plays 0 minutes, does it count towards the 3-game limit for that position slot?

Right now it will reflect as counting but I am planniing on changing that in the next day or two.

If a player does not enter the game (0 minutes) it should not count against your game caps. That is currently not the case but it will be the case before the first week is over.


Alright, 0 minutes = no game counted against game cap.



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Thought on ‘minutes’ to the daily stats (matchup) page? And, if so, can we also make a Club Trillion badge? :smiley:


Minutes have been added to the live page so you can see just exactly when you are losing your game from the game cap.

@mmaude we can talk about adding some :football: and :basketball: badges offline.


On one of my teams I have Jimmy Butler who is currently a gametime decision my question is the following….

If I have him in one of my forwards slots but he ends up not playing does that game count against my allocation for the week?

no, was said above that 0 minutes equals no game

What happens is that the lineup slot locks when his game starts, so you can’t replace him in the lineup for that night. But you aren’t charged with a game played if he ultimately doesn’t play at all. I believe it functions exactly like baseball: lineup locks when the game starts so you can’t make a substitution, but you don’t get charged with the game start/played unless/until he actually enters the game.

BTW, you can see this is real time on the match-up page if you’re attentive to the games remaining values: you’ll have a game remaining on the lineup slot until the player actually plays, not when the game starts.