What happens to abandoned teams after the keeper deadline?

Hope this is the right place for this question - we had 5 GMs leave our league and I have “abandoned” the teams. If I don’t get 5 new GMs by tmrw night, do we lose those teams altogether and players go into open pool ?


Nothing happens to those teams. Anyone a team does not cut is kept, so they will keep their rosters entirely. Commissioners can use penalty-free cuts as a tool to help new managers get rid of players after the keeper deadline, so the only real loss is those teams won’t be able to trade today / tomorrow.

About 10 days after the keeper deadline every single team that is not renewed for the upcoming season will join the Claim Teams page.

if a team does not renew is it atuomatically abandoned?

After 10 days, yes.

Is there a way I could see the rosters of those abandoned teams?

You can go to the Claim Teams page I linked to and view any number of team rosters that are available right now.

You can also look in the Managers Wanted part of the forum for leagues that are actively recruiting replacement or new managers

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Thanks - I did post there. How can people view the abandonded teams ? Via search of the team name ?

Yep, you can just use your browser to search the page and find whatever league you’re looking for. I would also recommend posting in the Managers Wanted forum with links to your league and some of the teams and possibly a little pitch on the league, as that will get some traction with players new to Ottoneu or looking to add a second team.