What Happens With NCAA Players Recently Drafted?

Starting a thread here for discussion of ottoneu football rules with a question for @niv! What happens with NCAA players who have been recently drafted? Is there a date when they’ll convert to NFL players and be assigned to their team?

Hey @nivshah I’m having trouble finding the auction draft room in my two returning leagues. Is there a button that needs to be activated? Thanks!

Just wondering if there were plans to add a drop down so we can easily switch between teams if we are in multiple leagues?

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Once the football community grows a bit, this will be prioritized.

Are the auctions scheduled?

EDIT nvm fixed.

Yep, I’m seeing them now, thanks!

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i just claimed a team in an available league, i expected it to work like when i took over the baseball teams, having a chance to look over the league and roster to make the allowed cuts. However the team will let me do anything without paying the league fees first. How do i get our of the league when i cant even see any of the teams or roster (or anything for that matter). I didn’t realize that i would have to pay $20 without seeing the league first

The team was expired and under the expired teams list. You can view it before you claim it, but once you claim an expired team, just like in baseball, you have to pay for it.

Email help@ottoneu.com if you need further help with this.

Commissioners can now re-align divisions between seasons if they’d like. Adds a little variety to your competition. You cannot do this one your auction draft is completed and your schedule is generated.

it was listed as available, not expired. and i can’t even view the team after claiming it.